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aunching a brand is hard work, but lucky for you, you don't have to do it all on your own.

We'll work with you to create a brand and website that's perfectly tailored to your business personality and makes your clients jump at the opportunity to pay you for your services. 

So, if you're ready to take your business to the next level by having every aspect of your branding provoke emotion and encourage your dream clients to take action (I'm talking bookings, babe!) then let's get started! 


website design

brand collateral

logo design

custom logo suite, patterns and elements, typography, color palette, style guide 


space styling

choose between a customized C+H template or a custom built site just for you

print and digital collateral for cohesive branding on and off the screen

create a business space that is directly aligned with your online presence

Janil provided me with a very enjoyable experience. She really brought my vision to life. She was extremely professional, answered all of my questions and managed to make sense of my random ideas, but create a cohesive design for my brand. She took care of everything and freed me up to focus on other aspects of my project. I'm not sure my launch would've been successful without her assistance. 

- Danaya

Janil created my son’s T-shirt Collection logo in a very timely manner. Mrs. Seegars was very professional and helpful. She provided multiple designs to choose from and was very open to making any and all changes needed. I highly recommend this company. You will be very satisfied. 

- Brittany

Thank you so much for my logo! I love the logo's beauty and simplicity. You were fast, prompt, and accepted feedback with grace.  Couldn't ask for more! 

- Vidalia

Janil was such a joy to work with! She took my ideas and turned them into a gorgeous logo. Very professional and quick to respond. Thanks so much for the amazing logo!

- Raina

brand questionnaire:

just so you know what to expect!

our process:

It all starts here! Once we've decided we want to work together, you'll complete the brand questionnaire to give us all the information we need to know about you and your business. This will help us determine the best way to move forward with your project. 


just so you know what to expect!

our process:

With your questionnaire completed, we'll move on to creating a virtual vision board together using Pinterest. This process will take a few days and allow us to get a complete picture of what appeals to your visually, so we can include it in your new look. 

it's time to talk!

just so you know what to expect!

our process:

Up next is the Vision Call! This is where the fun begins! The part where you get to sit down with us and gush about all of your hopes, dreams and goals for your business, so we can be sure that your new branding style meets those needs.

kick your feet up

just so you know what to expect!

our process:

After the Vision Call, things get easy, breezy for you and super fun for us. We take all of the information you've given us so far and take to the drawing board to execute our shared vision. 

While we're working, we'll be in contact with you weekly to update you  and show you elements of the projects it develops.

reveal, review, refine

just so you know what to expect!

our process:

Once we have the project complete, we'll present it to you in full. You'll be encouraged to take your time reviewing the project (most clients take 24-48 hours) before getting back to us with your thoughts. 

If you love it, great! If you want to make some changes, that's okay too!  We'll use your notes to refine the design and make it perfect for you. 

pop the champagne!

just so you know what to expect!

our process:

This is our favorite part of any project! At this stage, we deliver the goods with a smile, and you get to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate the launch of your new brand! 



eady to move forward? All you have to do now is fill out our client application!

let's make a connection!